I ran across this link via Datavisualization.ch for this winery:
Celler Masroig

This is a wine for nerds or designers, (or are they both).  I’m not sure what the pig has to do with it, but I assume that area produces fine cuts of pork (for instance, check out this type of pork).  I wonder if any other products will display their designs in such a way.  Another cool thing might be to list the contents on the back of the label in infographic style.  One negative though is that water makes up a large % of product such as beer, cola, and wine.  People might ask why they are paying so much for something that is a large % water… oh wait,… people still buy bottled water, which is 100% water so I don’t think having a more stunning back of a bottle will hurt anything.  Is it just me, or does the back of the bottle just look like someone had to fit a ton of required information into a small space (like the surgeon general warnings).

(Via Datavisualization.ch)

Cool Product Infographics
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